The World of Costi (WOC) is now online

The World of Costi (WOC) is now online

“The World of Costi” is a concept for those who ask questions, questions less conventional … like “Who are we?” ” Where we come from?” and “Where do we go?”.

Costi said “So I decided that what I find myself, in all fields related to human health and our evolution from different sources , to communicate to you and you can ask questions. I hopeĀ  to discover along the way the Truth. You are all invited to come up with ideas, proposals and suggestions, each more interesting, most extraordinary and unconventional. I want us to be free, to free us from frustration, prejudices and fears.”


Here you can see the first post from “The World of Costi – MUSIC, LIGHT & LOVE by C.I”


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